Apparel is an opportunity. It’s a platform to share what you care about with the world. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure is the union of apparel and activism. Designed to initiate conversations, we create items for you to wear your heart on your sleeve. Our focus as a brand is Palestinian liberation, refugee rights, and LGBTQ+ equality. We are female-owned and run, and stand with women around the world. In addition to advocacy, FYVP is committed to the fiscal support of humanitarian work. Many of our items donate a percentage of proceeds to vetted assistance organizations such as HEAL PalestineAnera, the Palestine Children's Relief FundKaram Foundation and Queer Food Foundation

FYVP was launched by Vanessa and Lara in 2022, after the success of two pilot projects (A T-Shirt for Palestine and A T-Shirt for Ukraine) during the pandemic. Vanessa is an LA-native designer who previously supported herself creating for companies such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. She half Palestinian and Indigenous American. Lara is a performance artist whose current work addresses chronic pain. Lara has been involved with various efforts to unite refugee assistance with art--experiences that have taken her across the Middle East. On days off, Vanessa and Lara love dinner parties and embarrassing themselves on the dance floor.

FYVP is committed to sustainability, and considers the environment with each step of production. We make high-quality apparel in small batches and re-use pre and post-consumer materials when possible. As we grow, FYVP aspires to continually do better.